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Niknaklodge Puppys

Registered Breeder

Toy poodles

What You Will Receive from us.

 NikNakLodge Pups are Expensive


Breeding is my hobby. i also find grooming is my therapy- i i thoroughly enjoy.

I breed to improve the breed, and offer quality healthy pedigree poodles with exquisite temperaments to be your best friend/companion. Puppy farmers will price their dogs at 'supermarket-like' prices. My baby's are expensive yes, but what I charge is all put back into their breed. So you are paying for what you receive without doubt. My expenses far out way my sale of pups. Breeding is my full time hobbie, and commitment that I thoroughly enjoy. It is not an income !


 I guarantee all my pups against PRCd . My pups are all registered with Dogs NSW and pedigree papered. With this you know you are getting what you pay for. I do not pick up and breed any poodle. A lot of money also goes into breeding the best temperament and healthy pup by careful selection , and raising their parents. I offer a lifetime of advice for you and your pup. Red Toys are rare and hard to Find, yet alone finding one of quality genetics and good breeding.


No breeder, including myself can GUARANTEE colour or size.

Some Reds will fade, or in my Archie's case may go deeper and darker. In any case coats do fade with age.


My puppy's may not be for you , or your budget. But with that in mind I do ask that maybe you choose another carefully, ensuring you are not funding "puppy farms" or "backyard breeders" selling poodles , and the cruel lonely treatment they receive , producing puppy's with health problems , poor temperament, and costing you the buyer a fortune in the long run.


Poodles in my opinion are THE BEST HOUSE DOG you can ever have. Highest of intelligence, skilful, incredible loyalty , affectionate, and possess human like personalities that can have you laughing or amazed . Once you have owned a poodle , you will always recommend one to your friends.

Good luck in choosing the right puppy for YOU :)

At NikNak Lodge, we are focused on adhering to all ANKC standards and Policy's first and foremost. As a member of Dogs NSW I breed to improve quality in appearance ,health and temperament in the breed.

I do not care to become a large breeder, i feel blessed to have my adorable dogs and very happy to pass on their lovely attributes to your homes.

Please be aware Poodles are inside dogs that require lots of love, and a loving lap to sit on. Poodles particularly require extra care & maintenance with their fast growing thick curly coats.

This breed are not for those who work full time and or have limited time to spend with their pet.

Feel free to send me an email, happy to answer any questions.

I Breed Quality Red Red Toy Poodles

* Your Pedigree Certifcate registered by Dogs NSW

* Generous supply of Royal Canin food

* Vaccination and health Record

* Info Pack

* Puppys personal toy,bag, folder & NikNakLodge puppy TShirt

  • C3vaccination @6 weeks,

  • microchipping @6 weeks,
  • worming every 2wks ,
  • grooming ,
  • well on his/her way to house training, as he/she will be trained to puppy pads.
  • Vet cert @6wks specifically relevant to toy poodles, including Patellas etc.